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memory foam large dog bed 6

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Our 7 year old Leo mix Doris watched me as I unpacked her new Bolster Bed with 5 lb. memory foam. She has had many nice beds over the years, including a custom made bed that is very nice. I had to laugh when I read in the package instructions to put some familiar piece of fabric or something in the bed so the dog will feel safe enough to use it because Doris pushed by me as soon as I zipped up the bolster cover part after putting the memory foam inside. She immediately turned in a circle, laid comfortably down with her head on the bolster, and did not want to move so I could carry the bed to where it was to go! In addition to the Bolster Bed, we bought a flat memory foam dog bed that I use in her crate and that seems extremely comfortable to Doris also. I'm sure she'll have many cozy, happy hours on these beds because they are extremely well made and seem very plush and rugged. These beds are not too expensive for your beloved dog because you get outstanding value for the money!

My dog Vicky has lost the use if her rear legs in walking. She is on pain medicine every six hours around the clock. I purchased a memory foam bed from a local store. Vicky loved it from the first, She used to get down when she saw me, thinking such a nice comfortable but supportive bed must be something for people, not dogs, I convinced her after awhile that it was hers, She spent most of her time in the hoise on it. then I noticed she was avoiding the bed.would not lie on it. I found she had been incontinent, and the cover had allowed the urine to go through to the memory foam beneath, which was soaked. through. An on-line search led me to Buddy Beds. There were a number if sites t=with good things to say. I ordered the bed to fit Vicky. The quality is incomparable, and a plastic cover keeps urine away from the memory foam. The piddle toppers wick moisture away from her skin. I washed them in the washing machine and dried them in the dryer, or in the air. The only problem I found was that a very slight odor and some discoloration remained. Another on-line search, for getting stains and odor out of incontinent pads, led to some good advice. As directed, I added a cup of baking soda to the wash, then pout the detergent in its slot. The other suggestion was to put white vinegar into the bleach and fabric softener slots. The results were wonderful! No odors whatsoever, and no spots or discoloration. I recommend Buddy Beds to anyone with dogs who need soft padding when they sleep, including those with arthritis.

How do you pick out the best size and style of memory foam dog bed for your pooch? Dog beds made from memory foam come in many different styles; rounds, donuts, pillows, nesting types with or without bolstered sides and rectangular ones. You can even have a custom foam dog bed made if you like.

At Orvis, we know that one size does not fit all. Our collection of dog beds offers a wide variety of dimensions, shapes, patterns and materials, so you can find the best dog bed for your pet’s needs. Every pooch is bighearted, but some dogs have big bodies to match—and for those oversized pups, just any old cushion won’t do. Our large dog beds offer scaled-up comfort perfect for the even the biggest breeds. If it seems like you have a small horse with a wagging tail in your house, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best dog beds for large dogs, and for those smaller hounds who just really love a luxurious stretch.Give your pet the comfortable rest she needs and deserves with a dog bed of the highest quality. It might sometimes seem like your canine companion sleeps away half the day—and in fact, that’s true. Most dogs sleep between twelve and fourteen hours out of every twenty-four, which makes their dog beds a huge part of their lives. That’s why ours are designed to provide a level of comfort unsurpassed by the competition. We know that pet beds are an essential part of your dog’s routine, because after all, it isn’t all about sleep. It’s where they take their most treasured toys, and where they go when they need a safe place to regroup. Their dog beds are where they hang out while keeping watch over the household, and where they take a short nap, just a quick one, while they’re definitely still on guard—which you know the moment the doorbell rings. Related Categories Traveling with Dogs Collars & Leads For Older Dogs Dogs in the House

I recently bought two new dog beds - one was the large bolster Buddy Bed and the other a less expensive bolster memory foam bed from a different company. The Buddy Bed is exceptionally well made and offers great support; however, after lying on the bed several times, both dogs definitely prefer the less expensive one. I'm not sure why! The BB is a firmer bed and the bolster goes fully around three sides. The cheaper bed is softer and the bolster wraps around but does not cover both ends completely. I have changed the locations and positions of the beds, but that hasn't helped. The BB also has a plastic covering to protect the support and memory foam mattresses. This piece crinkles a little and perhaps it is the sound that discourages my dogs' use of it. It is not zippered, so would have to be cut off, if I chose to remove it, which I don't because it seems like a very practical idea. I rescue dogs so mane one day I'll have one who really likes it. Three stars only because my dogs rarely use it, but it's something to consider if you have a princess and the pea syndrome in your house!This is Buddy Beds. Thank you Judy for your input. I am sorry to hear of the plastic crinkling; however, we do not use any plastic in our beds (other than the plastic shipping bags). Our waterproof liner is a fabric liner and should not make noise. Buddy Beds contacted this customer.

Edwy, my 10+ year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has hip displaysia. When he was about 7 years old, he had a bout with mites that left his feet scarred and bleeding, so between both medical problems he has ongoing foot and leg pain. As he's gotten older, it has become harder and harder for him to rise from a prone position and he can no longer do even a single step up from the ground. He has a ramp to use when he goes outside, but before Buddy Beds, he found it so painful to rise from a regular dog bed that he'd taken to sleeping on the bare floor. I tried egg crate beds, I tried foam beds with memory foam tops, I tried every "Best" orthopedic bed advertised in whatever veterinary or pet catalog I received but none of them helped him at all. I'd recently bought myself a new solid memory foam mattress and loved it, so when I was browsing on the Internet and found Buddy Beds, I decided to try one for Edwy. He loved it! It was comfortable when he lay down and it was supportive enough that he was able to rise from it or step up onto it without difficulty. He likes to spend his days on our screened porch and sleep inside at night, so when I saw him trying to drag his Buddy Bed outside one morning, I bought him a second one to keep on the porch permanently. I'd never been able to keep a bed on the porch for very long before because other beds would never dry properly, so I particularly like the waterproof cover that comes with the Buddy Beds. I simply cannot say enough good things about them and would recommend them to anyone. Buddy Beds are the Best!

I am the very proud owner of a beautiful shepherd, who has been the even prouder owner of a Buddy Bed for almost a year now. I keep checking this site, as I am looking for a bolster version of this bed, since he does like to cuddle up and have his back against something, which is a little difficult in front of our bed. Orvis just introduced Memory Foam Bolster. I did order one only to be hugely disappointed in the incredible difference in quality, all the way from the horribly sewn cover to the lack of thickness and density of the memory foam. I just returned the bed and was so shocked with the bad quality, I made it a point to call Orvis and tell them how hugely disappointed I was in their product, I just can't let my dog sleep on. After one year of nightly use there is absolutely no wear or tear on our bed and our arthritis ridden boy is anxiously awaiting the day Buddy Beds offers is long desired bolster cover.