Dog Cooling Beds

dog cooling pads: cooling dog beds & mats Explore Petco’s selection of dog cooling pads and beds to keep your furry friend’s tail wagging during distressingly warm summer days. One way to do this, is through dog cooling pads and beds which are especially designed to help your pup stay comfortable when it’s hot outdoors […]

Paisley Dog Bed

This luxury nesting dog bed features a Microsuede exterior and is great for dogs or pets who enjoy staying under the covers. Some dog breeds, such as dachshunds and terriers, prefer the extra feeling of security by wrapping themselves up in bed, making Cozy Cave Dog Beds the perfect choice. The Luxury Cozy Cave gives […]

Kong Memory Foam Dog Bed

Trust J&J Dog Supplies with your dog obedience, agility and general dog gear and equipment needs. We have studied and worked with the dog industry for Obedience Dog, Agility Dog, Flyball and Dog Rally and consumer dog markets. With this knowledge and community based approach J&J Dog Supplies has developed and manufactured some of the […]

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Reviews

There is no legal or technical definition of “orthopedic” when it comes to dog beds. Wikipedia defines an orthopedic mattress as one “designed to support the joints, back, and overall body.” We’d say that an orthopedic dog bed is one that reacts to and supports the dog’s weight in a superior fashion. In our opinion, […]

Dog Beds For Small Girl Dogs

Dog Beds, Blankets & Throws, Furniture, Bowls Designer Dog Beds, Blankets & Throws, Furniture, Bowls Our pet boutique has designer pet beds including unique and fancy dog, cat, and puppy beds. We have many soft, personalized, and pink designer dog beds, of all of all shapes and sizes. We also have also have novelty dog […]

American Made Dog Beds

Easy to Clean & Durable Zip-off covers and sturdy construction make our dog beds a cinch to keep clean, and they stand up to routine washings for years of comfort. Washing Tips Guaranteed Great! Our dog beds are so comfy your pooch will be happily sleeping through everything (so much for thinking you had a […]

Bed Bugs From Dogs

Bed bugs do not live on animals the way fleas do. They are hidden in the environment and come out only at night to feed. Thus, it is unusual for pets to carry bugs on them. Protecting pets from bed bugs is achieved by default as you protect yourself and your home from bed bugs: […]

Memory Foam Dog Bed Reviews

We already recommended this dog bed, as a careful reader knows, but we’ve saved the best for last. The K9 Ballistics LUX bed lives up to its name, your dog will easily be able to sleep in luxury using this fantastic bed.It has raised sides, so it’s absolutely perfect for the dog who likes to […]

Fabric Dog Beds

Kuranda Dog Beds › Frequently Asked Questions › What kind of fabrics are available for Kuranda dog beds? What kind of fabrics are available for Kuranda dog beds? Outdoor Mesh (Vinyl Weave) is great for outdoor use. The open weave allows air and water to flow through, helping dogs stay cool and dry. Because this […]

Hypoallergenic Dog Beds Washable

Choosing the Right Bed How your dog sleeps, his size, age, or physical condition must all be considered when choosing the perfect bed for your dog. Memory Foam for Older Dogs For older dogs, dog beds with memory foam help to ease the discomfort and stiffness associated with joint and muscle pain, whether from age, […]